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Updated: Jan 14

Green building is one that, by its design, construction, or operation, reduces or eliminates negative affects on our climate and natural surroundings while also having the potential to produce positive ones. Green buildings help to protect the environment while also improving our quality of life.

A building might have a variety of attributes that make it environment friendly.  These are some of them:

  1. Resources like energy, water are used more efficiently.

  2. Renewable energy sources like solar/wind energy.

  3. Measures to reduce pollution and trash, as well as the facilitation of re-use and recycling.

  4. Indoor air quality that is satisfactory.

  5. Non-toxic, ethical, and long-lasting materials are used.

  6. Environmental considerations in design, construction, and operation.

  7. In the design, construction, and operation of a building, the residents' quality of life to be taken into account.


  1. Urban areas are home to 31% of the Indian population.

  2. Commercial energy use has increased by 700 percent in the previous four decades, and the trend is continuing....

  3. India's energy consumption would reach 4 trillion units by 2030.

  4. In major Indian cities, there is a daily water scarcity of 225 million litres, and 21 Indian towns are expected to run out of water by 2030.

Green Building Technologies of Various Types:

  • Insulated Walls

  • Fly ash Bricks

  • Day illumination that is ecological and has a Transparent Roof

  • Rain-Water Harvesting

  • Solar Energy / Wind Energy

  • Waste Management

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