Why more Smart Cities are required for India?

A smart city makes use of information and communication technology (ICT) to improve operational efficiency, share information with the public, and provide better government service and citizen welfare.

A smart city's main goal is to optimize city functions and promote economic growth while also improving citizens' quality of life through the use of smart technologies and data analysis. The value of technology is determined by how it is applied rather than by how much technology is available.

The current Indian government envisions smart cities with amenities such as

  • Automatic traffic signal: In the event of excessive traffic, routes will be redirected automatically.

  • Better Public Transportation: The present public transportation system will be improved in order to reduce traffic on the roadways.

  • People will be able to seek aid in the event of an accident or a car problem with just one call. They can also get assistance from CCTV.

  • Bangalore has already deployed a smart traffic system. People will be informed of heavy traffic in advance, thanks to London's Smart Traffic System.

  • Data Center: Data Center will be the most prominent feature of Smart City initiatives. It will include comprehensive information on the city.

  • Face Identification System to capture offenders: Taking cues from Paris, the Smart City will put in place a Face Identification System to catch criminals. Criminals and suspects' photographs and DNA will be entered into a computer, and the information will be shared with neighboring cities. Following the face scan, an alert message will be issued to the police control centre, and this message will be relayed to the nearest police station, allowing offenders to be apprehended quickly. This method will aid in the management of rising road crime.

  • Control Center: For better synchronization and to provide immediate assistance to individuals, there will be an integrated control room for crime, health, services, and traffic.

Source: Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs.

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